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CIVIL Litigation

Lawsuits are inherently intimidating. It takes a skilled, experienced litigator who is comfortable in these high-stakes environments to get results. Whether it is bringing a lawsuit to right a wrong or defending against a civil suit, Chibani Law will be with you every step of the way, breaking down the process so that it becomes manageable rather than overwhelming. With extensive litigation experience handling intensive caseloads from start to resolution in both state and federal court across Florida, Sarah Chibani, Esq. is equipped to assist you with your civil litigation needs.

Business Litigation

In order to focus on production, businesses often require strategic legal counseling to allow their operations to run seamlessly without the distraction or costs of litigation. Such services act as a personalized in-house or general counsel for when they are needed. Chibani Law endeavors to become the expert on your business or industry and the specific issues it faces in order to help the company adapt or protect itself. However, when litigation becomes necessary or companies find themselves on the defense, and Chibani Law is at the ready to protect your rights under your contracts and the law.

Insurance Litigation

Insurance is arguably the most important investment in terms of running a business or protecting personal assets. Yet, these lengthy, nuanced policies often leave the insured party unsure of their rights when claims are adjusted. Further, increasing instances of data breaches have heightened the need for cybersecurity insurance and protection, as well as led to a growing practice of law. Years spent at big firms practicing largely in insurance defense have provided Sarah with the wealth of experience and knowledge necessary to champion your case.