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Effective Advocacy


A Modern Approach

Chibani Law PLLC is a civil litigation firm serving the ever-present legal needs of individuals and businesses alike. In a world full of challenges and change, legal professionals should be adapting their practices to better serve clients with complicated modern problems. Yet, the inflexible business model of many traditional law firms creates serious inefficiencies that result in protracted cases, higher fees, and unnecessary costs. Chibani Law PLLC takes the best practices of big law and blends it with innovative, technological, and creative techniques to provide clients with exceptional service and cost-effective results. At Chibani Law PLLC, we create sophisticated, efficient solutions tailored to client needs.

The core of Chibani Law PLLC is its dedication to its clients, which drives its passionate and determined advocacy on their behalf. Chibani Law PLLC views its clients’ success and struggles as its own. It is this level of care that inspires working hard and working smart to achieve results. Truly great relationships make the difference personally and professionally, and Chibani Law PLLC will invest the time and resources to make the difference for you.

Often times, individuals or businesses are not aware of the legal problems they face until they are confronted with a lawsuit. Chibani Law PLLC provides legal counseling to assess potential legal problems and provide proactive strategies to preempt lawsuits from arising, and defends you when they do.

Not all lawsuits can be avoided. In fact, litigation is often a necessary pursuit to remedy a wrong in a court of law. Clients may also find themselves at the other end of the lawsuit and require an advocate for defense. Chibani Law PLLC is ready to champion your case on your behalf, providing reliable, enthusiastic support.




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Areas of Practice

Legal Counseling

The first step to understanding your legal issues is to define them. Chibani Law PLLC is your legal in-house counsel for when you need it to research potential legal issues and strategize on how to best get ahead of them.


Chibani Law PLLC believes there are strategic opportunities to resolve issues before filing suit. After assessing the strengths of your potential case, we will work to resolve issues before litigation whenever possible.


When issues cannot be resolved between the parties or lawsuits are filed against you, it’s time to litigate. Chibani Law PLLC as your advocate will navigate you through the legal thicket, charting the finer points and championing your case for you.


Nothing is to be preferred before justice.
— Socrates


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